A letter about truth.

Dear Word Fiasco, Drooping roses are all but the Thorn's dismay, But, it's never just the truths that lay. You often think it's crystal clear through the window, is that all you still want to endow? Summer slides and warm evenings is all that you await. while the hundreds of em' stare at it, condemning [...]

The Winter Sun

Once more, an unfinished novel and steaming cup of tea lies beside me, as I stare blankly at the dimly lit sky and the sun rays trying it’s level best to peak through the green bordered leaves. As the warm, subtle winter sun pours down to the empty pages, a story gets reflected- a known [...]


Almost 70% of my Facebook friend list had reposted that status. No doubt, even you have come across it. For the ones who are unaware of it, A Social activist Tarana Burke had originally created the phrase “#MeToo” as a part of campaigning programme to promote “EMPOWERMENT THROUGH EMPATHY” in 2006. But, it did just [...]

Where do you want to belong?

The green shuttered windows, with stained glasses, and dust shadows. Fine intricate works on the wrought iron gates that now, the modern door dominates. Iron oxide washed red floors now shut behind the groaning doors. Stilted arches holding on to the North Calcutta Heritage, Aren’t they conveniently just forgotten with age? Struggling for existence. Out [...]

শ্রী শ্রী দুর্গা মাতা সহায়

  মা চললেন এরেকবার। 'আসছে বছর আবার হবে' বলে কেবলই ব্যাথিত মনকে সান্তনা দেওয়া। এক নিশ্বাসেই তো কেটে গেল পূজো টা এবারও। "শ্রী শ্রী দুর্গা মাতা সহায়" লিখে কলাপাতায়, শুরু হয় কাজকর্ম, লেখাপড়া নতুন করে এরেকবারও। মহালয়া এই তো কদিন আগেই গেল না? ওয়াটস্যাপ গ্রূপে কতো প্ল্যান। সেই স্কুলের আর পাড়ার পুরনো মিত্রদের সঙ্গে কাটবে [...]

The Paranormal

This is my very first article blog post. Please do give your suggestions and advises in the comment section or contact me by mailing or messaging right away 🙂 Do forgive my faults and flaws. And just as any film/post would start with, this is just for entertainment purposes only. With mere fact and figures, and meant to be taken light heartedly. Thank you!